The Island is surrounded by the Bras d'Or Lakes, which is one of the largest salt-water lakes in Canada .  We are an island within an island.  We are part of the Bras d'Or Lakes Scenic drive where you will see rolling green hills which will remind you of Scotland on one side of the island and a rocky wild look with eagles perched in trees on the side of the road.  If you look closely you will see an abundance of wild life – deer, partridges, owls, eagles, rabbits and foxes and the occasional moose.  You will find our “down-home” hospitality a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere to visit. Received its name around 1721 when Louis-Simon received a grant of land, an island located at northeastern end of the Bras d'Or Lake about 50 kilometers from Louisburg as the crow flies. This 40-kilometer island, to this day, bears his name, Boularderie Island.

Boularderie Island is divided by two Counties, County of Victoria and Cape Breton County, two of the four counties into which the Island of Cape Breton is divided, it is bounded on the West by the County of Inverness, on the South by the water of the Bras d'Or Lake, and on the East by the Atlantic.  Few counties in Nova Scotia can boast of such an extent of coastline.  The coast, moreover, has few dangers for navigators and lighthouses largely prevent these.  The surface of Victoria County is exceedingly varied; at some localities high and rocky; at others, particularly along the courses of the rivers, low and well suited to agriculture.  Previous to European settlement, Boularderie, like the other parts of Nova Scotia , was inhabited by the Micmac (properly Miggumac), a branch of the great Algonquin race.
Suggested Activities & Experiences
  • Enjoy boating and Fishing on the Great Bras d'Or and Bras d'Or Lakes.
  • Take part in the Annual Big Wave Summer Festival, Big Bras d'Or in July. 
  • Enjoy hiking, mountain biking, swimming and kayaking at Dalem Lake, Provincial Park.
  • Visit many gift and artisan shops along the Boularderie Island Scenic drive.
  • Enjoy the outdoor and salt water swimming of our local camping destinations.
  • Enjoy the Ross Ferry Marina Park – swimming, boating, picnic area, hiking.
  • Take a tour to Bird Islands and see the many unique birds such as puffins, bald eagles, gannets. You may even see a glimpse of a whale or sea lion.
  • Drop into the Big Bras d'Or Fishing Harbour on Factory Road for local fish and friendly conversation.
  • Enjoy wonderful seafood, Italian and traditional dining at our many restaurants.
  • Purchase local produce and dairy products at our community-owned farms.
  • View and purchase beautiful florist and greenery at local greenhouses throughout the island.


Boularderie Island features accommodations, campgrounds, boat tours to Birds Island, arts & crafts shops, country markets, restaurants, garages, agriculture, grocery stores and so much more.

Photo credits - Tammy Aucoin

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