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    King of the Mountain - Snowmobile Race

    Location: Ski Cape Smokey, Ingonish Beach

    Date: January 11

    • King of the Mountain
      January 11, 2020
      9:00 am - 4:00 pm

    Nothing beats the adrenalin-pumping rumble of snowmobile drag racing.
    Rev your engines, prepare for mouthfuls of exhaust, and join Ski Cape Smokey for its King of The Mountain series this winter!

    Race 1 of the series is scheduled for January 11th, snow pending.

    The Racer pays a $25 Registration fee, then a $15 entrance fee for each class they wish to enter, to a maximum of 3 classes.
    Racer 1: $25 Registration, 3 classes x $15 per class = $45+$25 reg fee=$70. Plus Insurance fee paid at the time of registration.

    Classes include Kids Mini,  Stock, Improve Stock, PRO Stock, Trail IMP, Turbo, Outlaw, and KOTH.

    We hear that rumble. Now, bring it to the start line and show us that you’re Kind of the Mountain!


    This will be Rubber tracks only, No studs.
    The track will be 500′ in length, 3 lanes.
    Stock Turbos will enter the 1000 2-Stroke Stock Class.
    RACE FEES: $25 Racer Entry Fee, $15 per class and Insurance fee payable at registration. 3 class maximum for each sled.
    There must be at least 3 sleds to run a class.
    Tethers mandatory in ALL classes.
    Tek vests mandatory in Improved, Pro-Stock, Turbo Classes, Outlaw and KOTH.
    Tek vests highly recommended for your safety in all other classes
    Three class’s of 120’s (Ages 5-12)
    Also 200cc Classes depending on how many of these model sleds show up at the event.
    250cc Stock Class for machines like the Bravos
    Stock(box stock), Improved(Big Boy Kits), Open Mini/Sno Scoots(Aftermarket Engines and Track Extensions)
    For a complete list of rules click on the events tab, click Smokey races January 11th and they are posted in there along with directions from the NFLD Ferry and the Causeway.

    Race Day Classes:
    (1) 600cc Stock
    (2) 600 Improved
    (3) 600 Trail Improved
    (4) 600 Pro Stock
    (5) 700 Stock
    (6) 700 Improved
    (7) 800 Stock
    (8) 800cc Trail Improved
    (9) 800 Improved
    (10) 800cc Pro Stock
    (11) 900 Stock
    (12) 900 Trail Improved
    (13) 1000cc 2-Stroke Stock and Turbo Stock
    (14) 1000 Trail improved
    (15) 1000cc Improved
    (16) 1000cc Pro Stock
    (17) Improved Stock Turbo
    (18) 4-Stroke Turbo Max
    (19) OutLaw
    (20) King Of The Hill

    Turbo and Powder Adder Rules listed below

    General Rules: Snow Drags

    Randomly checking Bore.
    Machines in stock class will be required to remove heat shield if requested.
    Any call made by an official is final, any disagreement will result in disqualification.
    Any racer that has alcohol/drugs, or is with someone caught with alcohol/drugs will be disqualified and give up all money paid to race.
    All racers will have to sign a waiver for insurance.
    Must be a minimum of three sleds to have a class.
    Racers will pay for the classes they want to enter first and then go through tech inspection.
    Any sled caught cheating will lose there money or have choice to enter different class. No refunds.
    Stock and trail Improved classes are not allowed race fuel. If smelled you will not be allowed to race.
    No sleds will be allowed on the track until the sled has passed Tech.




    38696 Cabot Trail, Ingonish Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada, B0C 1L0

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    North Highlands Nordic - Open House

    Location: Cape North, NS

    Date: January 12

    • NORTH HIGHLANDS NORDIC ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE                                        SUNDAY JANUARY 12th                                                                        Complimentary use of trails and equipment.                                                   Great opportunity to get information on upcoming events and sign up for season passes.

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    Tea and Ski or Snowshoe (Tuesdays)- North Highlands Nordic

    Location: Cape North, NS

    Date: January 14 - March 31

    TUESDAYS AT TEN                                                                                   SKI/SNOWSHOE SOCIAL                                                                                         EACH TUESDAY AT 10AM . Starts January 14th                                                 Cost: $10 for Non Season Trail Pass Holders.
    $5 for trail pass and $5 for equipment.                                                                   Bring a lunch and come back to our heated ski room. Tea provided.

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    Moonless Snowshoe Sociall - North Highlands Nordic

    Location: Cape North, NS

    Date: January 24

    • MOONLESS SNOWSHOE SOCIAL                                                                        FRIDAY JANUARY 24th                                                                               SATURDAY FEBRUARY 22nd                                                                                   7PM                                                                                                                                      Cost $10 which includes trail pass and light lunch Take advantage of  ZERO light pollution and ZERO noise pollution to enjoy a winter evening of star gazing. Then return to our heated ski room to mingle with your friends.  CO-HOSTED BY HIKE NOVA SCOTIA. Draw prizes donated by Hike NS.

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