• Wednesday Night Ceildhs

    Wednesday Night Ceildhs

    Wednesday Night Celidhs - 7:30 pm. $10.00 Adults. Join us on Wednesday evening throughout the year for traditional music, song, story and dance on our cozy campus at St. Ann's.

    Location: Gaelic College, St. Ann's

    Date: April 25 - December 12

  • Ceilidhs


    Join us every Tuesday and Thursday for songs, stories and music, or just a chance to chat about the traditions and history of Nova Scotia’s Gaelic-speaking people at our traditional céilidh.

    Location: NS Highland Village, Iona, NS

    Date: June 5 - October 11

  • Milling Frolic

    Milling Frolic

    Come and join us at the table for songs and friendly conversation at the Highland Village milling frolic. The Gaels way to make the cloth ready for home use was to wet it, beat it and make a time of it, while communally singing choral songs in rhythm during the milling frolic.

    Regular admission applies. 
    Program runs from 2:00-3:00pm, Wednesday and Fridays from June 6 - October 12. 

    Location: NS Highland Village, Iona, NS

    Date: June 6 - October 12

  • Theatre Baddeck Presents: Pocket Rocket

    Theatre Baddeck Presents: Pocket Rocket

    Theatre Baddeck: professional theatre on Cape Breton Island! Pocket Rocket by Lea Daniel and Gary Kirkham September 14-October 6; varied performances at 7:30pm, 3:30pm, 4pm, and 8pm. See full performance schedule at The play begins in 1967 - the Centennial, the last year of the NHL’s original six and the “summer of love.” Five friends - four boys and a girl - gather for a game of street hockey. This quintessentially Canadian comedy follows these friends over a thirty year period against the backdrop of a changing country, through evolving identities, persistent friendships, and a boundless love of the game. "Pocket Rocket took me back to my own adolescence - it is filled with humour, pathos and heart-wrenching emotion that will find you laughing one moment and deep in thought the next." - Arts Connection This production will be directed by Linda Moore, the former Artistic Director of Neptune Theatre. Learn more: TICKETS: - On sale now: | 902-412-7122 - Ticket packages available! See more theatre, save more money. Visit to learn more. - Tickets are available at the door (subject to availability), but you save 15% by purchasing in advance. LOCATION: 24 Queen St, Baddeck, NS. Free parking available. Wheelchair accessible. Learn more:

    Location: 24 Queen Street, Baddeck, NS

    Date: September 14 - October 6

  • Celtic Colours International Festival

    Celtic Colours International Festival

    Celtic Colours is an experience like no other. For nine days in October, Cape Breton Island is alive with music, energy and excitement as people come from far and wide to celebrate our rich culture. From concerts to dances and workshops to community suppers, we offer a full range of events against a gorgeous backdrop of autumn colours.


    Location: Throughout Cape Breton

    Date: October 5 - October 13

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    Finding Your Roots - A Genealogy Workshop

    Sorting through the many online sources available for genealogy can be a tricky. This workshop will teach you some of the tips and tricks to help you find the roots of your family. Price: $15.00 per person. Time: 10:00-11:00am Call to book a spot - 902-725-2272

    Location: Highland Village, Iona

    Date: October 11

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    Mary’s Bonny Plaid - Natural Dye Workshop

    Natural Dye Workshop Using natural dyes to add colour to the cloth and yarns that pioneer women made was an important aspect of 19th century life. If you have ever wondered what materials were used to produce such a wide range of hues, please join us for an afternoon of wool dying. Participants will learn about various dyeing techniques and will be able to dip a few skeins of their own. Pre-registration required. Admission is $25. Time: 1:00-3:00pm

    Location: Highland Village, Iona

    Date: October 12

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    Storytelling Tour & Milling Frolic

    Join us for a special storytelling tour of the Highland Village. This folklife experience will give you insight into the lives and stories of Nova Scotia Gaels. Reservations required. $25.00 per person. Tour: 10:30 am-12:30 pm Call to book a spot - 902-725-2272.

    Location: Highland Village, Iona

    Date: October 13

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